The Window Cleaning Blueprint Online Course


How to make $500 a day cleaning windows with no startup cost


Discover the secret to selling your service and get more high-paying clients than you can handle. Avoid the #1 way entrepreneurs sabotage their business success with the mindset hack few entrepreneurs talk about. Plus, learn the secret marketing strategy to get the best-paying clients in your city to make twice as much as the average window cleaning business. 


It is a myth that starting a window cleaning business is hard. 


Your current job makes you sick to your stomach every time you think about it.


You look at the clock every 15 minutes while you do your boring work hoping the time passes faster. 


The worst part is that you barely make enough to pay for food and the bills of your one-bedroom apartment. 


The job sucks the life out of you, and you know that you need a career change. 


You love working outside and like the idea of starting your own business. 


I was in your situation before starting my business.


But even though I grew up poor, I completely changed my life when I started my window cleaning business.


As I went about my business, I discovered a secret system that has allowed me to do something I genuinely love doing while making multiple 6-figures. 


In this course, you will learn:

  • How to market your window cleaning business in the best areas to get the highest paying clients.
  • The #1 mindset mistake to avoid when building a business to become successful. 
  • How to sell your services with a short script that will give you supreme confidence when approaching prospects.
  • To legally set up your window cleaning business in only 30 minutes 
  • Quoting your clients prices that they will happily pay while you make $500 a day


I hear you thinking…


‘But Keith, these 6-figure entrepreneurs are exceptions. They have a lot of talent and had a business idea nobody had invented yet.’


Thousands of entrepreneurs make over 6-figures with business ideas that are easy to start, like window cleaning. 


You don’t need to be a genius to start a business that makes you financially independent. 


I meet entrepreneurs who make multiple 6-figures at conventions, and they are people just like you and me. 


They built 6-figure companies with a straightforward business. 


You can start a simple service business, provide value for your clients and charge them prices that make $500 a day. 


You only need a strong desire to start your business and market your service online. 


Right now, marketing intimidates you because you have never done it before. 


But it is not as difficult as you think it is.


With the proper targeting method, it is nothing more than posting your offers in the right places on social media.  


You will have more people calling you for a quote than you can fit in your schedule. 


At the moment, the only thing that holds you back from starting your business is your self-limiting beliefs.


‘95 percent of businesses fail, so is the risk worth the reward?’


You don’t see that you can quickly become part of the 5 percent that succeeds if you have the right system to guide you. 


Despite growing up poor, I made multiple 6-figures in the window cleaning business. 


I wanted to know what it took for me to make a lot of money providing my services and escape poverty. 


I discovered the hidden ways to get clients quickly.


It is as easy as targeting people in the right areas, and you will have too many people who want to buy from you. 


Then click here to build a 6-figure window cleaning business from scratch.